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If you have arthritis in the joints of one or both of your big toes, you may want to consider treatment with Cartiva® toe implants. Cartiva toe implants feature synthetic cartilage that’s both durable and biocompatible; they can ease pain and restore function to your toes. The expert team of podiatrists at Professional Podiatry Services of New York in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, proudly offer Cartiva toe implants when medically appropriate. To request your consultation today, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Cartiva Toe Implants Q & A

What are Cartiva® toe implants?

Cartiva toe implants are prosthetic implants made of a durable, slippery, and biocompatible organic polymer. They’re used to replace damaged joints in the big toe caused by osteoarthritis. 

Over time, osteoarthritis causes your cartilage––a soft, cushion-like substance that pads your joints––to wear down. This causes your bones to rub up against one another, causing pain, stiffness, and general discomfort. Cartiva toe implants restore function to the joints in your big toe, eliminating pain and encouraging a full range of motion. 

Am I a good candidate for Cartiva toe implants?

Only a qualified podiatric surgeon, like the team at Professional Podiatry Services of New York, can determine if you’re a candidate for Cartiva toe implants. Following a physical exam, review of your medical history, and discussion of your symptoms, your provider can develop a treatment plan that aligns with your individual needs. 

That said, if you’re living with osteoarthritis and it causes you pain or negatively affects your mobility, you’re probably a good candidate for treatment. 

What happens during Cartiva toe implant surgery?

The team at Professional Podiatry Services of New York performs Cartiva toe implant surgery under general anesthesia, so you’re asleep during the entire operation.

Once the anesthesia sets in, your surgeon makes a small incision on the top of your big toe joint. Next, your surgeon uses special tools to remove the damaged bone surrounding your joint and makes room for the implant. Afterward, your surgeon carefully places your Cartiva implant into your toe. It provides a smooth, slippery, load-bearing surface, giving your toe a full range of motion. 

Your surgeon uses cement or glue to hold the Cartiva implant in place, and then your surgeon stitches up your incision. The entire surgery usually takes less than 45 minutes.

After receiving Cartiva toe implants, what’s recovery like?

Following Cartiva toe implant surgery, it takes about two weeks to make a full recovery. You might notice some pain reduction right away,  but it usually takes six months or longer to achieve the full effects of treatment.

After your operation, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions carefully. Take your medications as prescribed, attend all of your follow up appointments, and be patient.

Don’t let osteoarthritis prevent you from participating in your favorite activities. To request a Cartiva toe implant consultation at Professional Podiatry Services of New York today, call the office or click the online scheduling tool.