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Few sensations are as shocking as when you step down or fall, causing your ankle to roll and pop. At Professional Podiatry Services of New York in Brooklyn, New York, the team evaluates your sprained ankle to find out what kind of treatment you need. To find out what degree of ankle sprain you have and if it requires professional care, call Professional Podiatry Services of New York, or request an appointment online today.

Sprained Ankle Q & A

What is a sprained ankle?

One of the most common causes of ankle pain is a sprained ankle, an injury that happens when you tear or overstretch the ligaments or tendons in your ankle. There are three different types of ankle sprains ranging in severity:

Mild sprains

Mild sprains don’t usually cause complete immobility: the ligaments are stretched but not torn, and your ankle is stable. 

Moderate sprains

Moderate ankle sprains result in the partial tear of one or more ligaments in your ankle. They cause moderate pain, swelling, bruising, and trouble walking. 

Severe sprains

Severe sprains result in one or more torn ligaments. With a severe ankle sprain, you experience lots of swelling and extreme immobility of the joint. 

How can I tell if I have a sprained ankle?

Ankle sprains are common in athletes who use lots of footwork in their sport, but they can happen to anyone. You’re more susceptible to an ankle sprain if you play volleyball, tennis, basketball, and other fast-moving sports. You can also sprain your ankle by walking on an uneven surface or jumping and landing wrong. 

Whether or not you sustain your injury during an activity, you’ll know right away that something is wrong. Your symptoms vary depending on which type of sprain you get, but generally, they include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Immediate pain
  • Worsening pain when you stand on your foot
  • A popping sensation when the injury happens

With mild ankle sprains, home care and rest might be all you need to recover. The team at Professional Podiatry Services of New York can evaluate the extent of your injury and find an appropriate treatment or surgery.

How are sprained ankles treated?

The team at Professional Podiatry Services of New York generally starts with more conservative treatments for sprained ankles and only recommends surgery in extreme cases. The team views your ankle with X-rays and other imaging techniques to see the extent of the injury. Then, they form a treatment plan to get you back on your feet. It might include:

  • Anti-inflammatory or pain relief medications
  • Immobility devices like a cast or boot
  • Physical therapy
  • Stem cell therapy

In cases where surgery is necessary, the team repairs the damaged ligaments or reconstructs them from other ligaments or tendons. 

To find out more about ankle sprains and how to treat them, call Professional Podiatry Services of New York, or book an appointment online today.